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Hello, I am Henry, living in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), a town situated 120 kms. south-east of Amsterdam and approx.
10 kms. west of the German border. In my free hours I am often surfing around the globe, searching for all kinds of interesting sites and information.  One moment I am still in Europe, the next minute I am traveling via Australia and Tahiti to Hawaii.   There I am a regular listener of Radio Station KWXX with very relaxing music, that makes me dream of the sea, sun, waving palm-trees and many other things that make life exciting and enjoyable. Of course I have more hobbies than just sitting in front of my computer, so no time to feel bored.
Some of my hobbies and interests are mentioned in the above links. When you click on these links, you will get more information.

Thank you for stopping by and best wishes from The Netherlands!



Nijmegen 2000 years old!The Old-Catholic Church in The Netherlands Stop the occupation of Palestine Who started the war in Iraq....
A different jewish sound!ILGA Gay infoAmnesty InternationalStop the wall, built by the zionists

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