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- pictures of my visits to various countries -

One of my hobbies is travelling. Up to now I visited many countries in 5 continents. These visits give a good  impression of life, culture, music, history etc. of  these places. It would ask  too much website-space to show all the photos, made during my trips abroad. So, therefore below a review of some of the countries visited. Click on the photo of a country that I visited and you can see more pictures and info of that country. I also give you on these pages the links to the Tourist Bureaus of the respective countries, there you can find additional information. When clicking on the worldmap in the centre it will be enlarged and shows you the names of all the countries that I visited in the past.
More countries will be added here after my visit to a new country.

This year 2017 visited and added to this website: Vietnam, Cambodia and Kos (Greece)
Recently visited: Ecuador: Pictures will be available in due course.


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