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- to various websites on the worldwide web -

Below you will find some of my favourite links. I have a larger number of favourite websites, but it is impossible to mention them all here. So just a summary: some refer to international pages and some to pages which are in Dutch only.
The only thing you have to do is to click on the logo at the left. Hope you enjoy visiting these

amsterdam-link Amsterdam

The capital of The Netherlands. On this page you will find a lot of information about the city and many Amsterdam organizations.
Live webcam-pictures of Amsterdam can be seen when clicking here.

Nijmegen and Nijmegen-webcams

Nijmegen is a 2000 years old city,  located 120 kms. SE of Amsterdam.
Visit the website of the Municipality of Nijmegen at 
More info about Nijmegen can be found at
For a live webcam picture of the Waal-bridge click


Every spring Keukenhof is a feast for the eye.
Millions of tulips and other bulb flowers are then in bloom.
A fantastic experience for people of all ages and a wonderful spectacle to photograph!  Surprising and inspiring, brimming with ideas, trends and features that you can apply in your own garden.
Click on the left logo for more info.

united nations-link
United Nations

Visit the United Nations website and learn more about this organization, its history, its bodies, the member-countries, issues, conferences and events etc. Meetings at and TV broadcasts of the UN can be followed here .

Earth View

Views of the earth from the sun, moon and various satellites during day and night.

European Union

The latest news and info from and about the European Union and its member-countries and the Euro. Meetings can be followed on the website of EU-TV. Click here for its website and broadcasts.

logo gelderland
Provincie Gelderland

Gelderland is one and the largest of the 12 provinces of The Netherlands. The seat of this local government is in the city of Arnhem. The website is in Dutch. When you click here you can make a choice and watch various webcams that control some of the main roads in the province of Gelderland.If you want to see the live or past meetings of the "Provinciale Staten" click here .The sites are in the Dutch language.

het parlement-link The Netherlands Parliament

Information about and from the First and Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. Info about a.o. the Dutch political parties and their members in Parliament. This website is in Dutch.
If you want to follow the debates in the Second Chamber click here.
The meetings are however always in the Dutch language!

omroepen-link The Dutch Public Broadcasting System (NPO)

When you click on the left logo the website of NPO tells you about the Dutch public radio and television network, the many broadcasting companies within this system, their programmes and own websites.
You will also find here links to some live programming.

Wenskaarten van Rinie
Wenskaarten van Rinie

The picture on the left guides you to Rinie's  Website (in Dutch), where you will find a variety of her self-made cards for special occasions (birthday, wedding, anniversary, condolence etc.).
Click on the card to visit her website.

Rinie's Rasta Hats

A site about Rinie's selfmade hats and caps and other products in the well-known rasta colours. All these products can be ordered via Rinie's mail-address.  On the site you can also listen to the music of Bob Marley and there are links to other webpages. The site is in Dutch.
Click on the photo of the hat, to visit her website.



For those who speak Dutch: you will find on this website a lot of interesting info about a.o. the city of Nijmegen now and in the past. They give also many links to other interesting and useful websites (now there is also some English text). Click on the left logo.

4daagse-link 4-Daagse
(International Four Days Marches of Nijmegen)

Click on the logo. These are the official pages for the annual International Four Days Marches Nijmegen and here you can find all information on this event. You can choose the English version when clicking the British flag on the top of the website.

holland-link Visit Holland

Are you interested in The Netherlands? Visit the website of the Netherlands Board of Tourism. There you can find a lot of touristic info about my country.
To read the info in your own language, click the "Travelling from other countries" bar in the upper-right side of that website.

Old-Catholic cathedral of Utrecht

This site gives you info about the Old-Catholic parish and Cathedral of the town of Utrecht. The site is in Dutch.
For information about the Old-Catholic parish in Nijmegen click

This website is also in Dutch. For the Facebook-site click here.

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