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- collecting postage stamps as a hobby -

A lot can be written about stamps and collecting them. The very first stamp of the world was issued in Mauritius (an island in the Indian Ocean) in 1847.
See the picure at the left below.
In The Netherlands, the first stamps were issued in 1852, showing the portrait of King Willem III. See a picture of the three stamps at the right below.


Nowadays every country in the world has its own postage-stamps. You can use them on your letters to friends, but you can also collect them as a hobby.
May be you want to collect stamps from a specific country, or a special theme such as animals, cars, famous persons, head--of-states, airplanes, ships, sport etc. Below a review of various stamps with a theme..

Europa on stamps

Birds on stamps

Ships on stamps

Stamps are in fact small pieces of art and they can tell you a lot about the country, its' culture, leaders, famous persons etc. So, a very interesting hobby!

May be, you like to be informed about a.o. new stamps, issued by the United States Postal Service ?  Then have a look on  page http://www.usps.gov.
Or do you like to collect stamps from the Faroe Islands? Click

For more info about stamps issued by the Netherlands Postal Administration, go to: http://www.collectclub.nl

An other interesting website is the site of the Dutch monthly "Filatelie" -in Dutch only-:  http://defilatelie.nl.

Below some more pictures of stamps of The Netherlands.


At the left a very unique stamp, issued by the Netherlands Postal Service in 2001. It was the very last stamp issued with the currency (12,75 Gulden) in Dutch Guilders (as from 2002 we have been using the Euro). Besides it is completely made in silver. The upper part of the stamp shows a part of the former Guilder issued when Juliana was Queen of The Netherlands, the lower part of the stamp shows a part of the last Guilder. Both Guilders were in use until January 1, 2002 when the Euro was introduced as the new currency in The Netherlands and many other EU countries.

At the right another silver stamp, issued in 2011 to commemorate Piet Hein,
the Dutch Seafarer and Lieutenant-General of the Dutch West-Indies Company. He lived 1577-1629.
The two stamps were in use for national registered mail.

Stamps with pictures of Dutch princesses. 

New stamps on the occasion of the Abdication of Queen Beatrix and Inauguration of Willem-Alexander as the new King of The Netherlands on April 30, 2013.

"Day of the stamp" 2013 with portrait of the late Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.


Stamp-block showing various types of Dutch windmills.  

New stamps with portrait of King Willem- Alexander.
Bloc of stamps with various pictures related to the USA, to be used for international priority mail.
   Left two stamps for international mail, with picture of a MIG-21 of 1956 and a Fieseler of 1941. At the right a stamp for national mail with picture of a stamp of 1944 of the late Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, issued in 2015 on the International Day of the Postage Stamp.
    Left a new stamp celebrating 50 years of soccer-magazine "Voetbal International", in the middle one of the stamps with cats and on the right one of the series with coast-of-arms of the Dutch provinces.
All for mail inside The Netherlands (1 = 0-20 grams).
Stamps with pictures of paintings by Vincent van Gogh (1852-1890)
for national mail (0-20 grams).
If you click here you will get a better view of the stamps.

Stamps  for international mail with typical Dutch items (0-20 grams)
Some of the stamps with paintings by Jheronimus Bosch (1450-1516)
The special stamps for Christmas 2016
(Click on the image to enlarge the picture)
   Birds on stamps (left) and "Love"stamp 2017
Variety of Dutch delicacy

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