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Satellite TV
- radio- and tv-signals from space -

I am also interested in the Clarke Belt, searching for satellite-radio and TV-signals. This time not only to hear, but also to watch them.
Below some photos of (old and new) test cards of various TV-stations of the world. Nowadays most of the TV-stations are 24 hrs on air; therefore
some of the test cards shown below are not broadcast anymore.

CCTV China

RTM Morocco

SATV Saudi Arabia

Former DDR-TV East Germany

UAE TV Abu Dhabi


DR TV Denmark

TV Pyongyang North Korea

Ukrainian TV Ukraine

RTB Brunei

SSR TV Switzerland

Former NTS-TV Netherlands

Antenna TV, Greece

HRT, Croatia


Do you want to know which TV and radio-stations can be received in your area (also outside Europe) via satellite ? 
Visit then for more details the pages of Satbeam at

Satbeams logo

EUTELSAT is the owner of the Eutelsat/Hot Bird satellite network and has its seat in Paris (France).
SES/ASTRA owns the well-known ASTRA satellite network and has its seat in Luxembourg.
You can visit their websites for the latest news about their satellite system and a review of the programmes you can see and hear via their satellites at
http://www.eutelsat.com and http://www.astra.lu .



You don't yet have a dish-antenna but you want to see a foreign TV-station now?  No problem, just click on the TV-set on the left and you will see the TV Galicia live programmes from Spain.

If you want to visit the stations' homepage go to: http://www.crtvg.es/

You want to see some more TV-stations, broadcasting to Europe via satellite?
Make your choice by clicking on one the logos below and you will see their programmes of this moment. But remember, you may need a.o. the Windows Media plug-in to see the programmes!
And you also need a high-speed broadband connection for a good and continuous TV-picture.
Further you can find and watch a large number of TV-stations on the website


PIK (RIK in Western alphabet) is the Greek name of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, broadcasting from Nicosia in the Republic of Cyprus. RIK can be seen and heard in Europe via satellite and its programmes are mainly in the Greek language.
Click here for the CyBC international programme.


Also from Nicosia, Cyprus, but now from the Turkish northern part of the island, Bayrak Radio and TV is broadcasting in Turkish.
In Europe Bayrak TV can be seen via the Turksat satellite at 42 degrees East. Click here for the BRT-1 programme
The Bayrak RTV website is at:

There are many Arabic-speaking TV stations transmitting via satellite. One of them is the Tunisian TV from Tunis. The station can be seen via the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees East. The programme is mainly in Arabic.
Click on the logo for the website of the station.
Click here for the Tunisia TV-1 programme.

In China there are many TV stations. Main station is CCTV which broadcast many programmes, also via satellite, from the capital city of Beijing. When you click the left logo, you will see the live programme of CCTV-4.
The English language programme (CCTV-News) can be seen

From Venezuela operates Venezolana de Television. One of the various TV stations in Caracas.
A click on the logo guides you to its website.
Click here for its Spanish language programme.

The Vatican has its own television-station, mainly for religous programmes. If there is no TV broadcast, you can see a live picture of St. Peter's basilica.
Info about the Vatican can be found at:
The Vatican TV webcam can be seen here

In Nijmegen operates the  local television-station "N1" broadcasting  via cable and internet. Click on the logo for its daily programmes.The N1-website is at http://www.n1.nl/
TeleAruba link If you want to see a TV-station from the Caribbean click on the TeleAruba logo on the left and tune in. The station broadcasts from Oranjestad, Aruba's capital.
The website is at

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