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- listening to radio-stations from all over the globe -

Radio-DX is trying to pick up signals of distant radio stations from all over the world via their shortwave, medium wave, long wave and FM-frequencies.
"DX" means "long distance" and the people who have this hobby are called "DX'ers".
While listening, DX'ers are often in contact with remote countries, peoples, cultures, music and so on. Besides listening to the stations, most DX'ers also send a reception-report to the stations they have heard, in which they give the station information about reception-quality, frequency on which the station was transmitting, details of the programmes heard, receiving-equipment that was used, location of reception etc. After checking the report with their logbook and when the report is found to be correct, most stations will reply with a so-called QSL verification card.
Below you see two pictures of many years ago, one of my radio shack and one of me, sitting in front of my Trio 9R59DE SW/MW communications receiver with various antenna-tuners and other receiving equipment, as well as the received QSL-cards and station-pennants on the wall. At present I am also using an AOR7030Plus-receiver for my DX-receptions, connected to an outdoor L-antenna and an indoor AOR-LA390 loop-antenna for mediumwave reception.


Below you see some of these, often very beautiful, QSL-cards, I received from
radio-stations that I heard in The Netherlands.

Radio Afghanistan

Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany

Radio Cairo, Egypt

Radio Kuwait, Kuwait

Radio Dahomey, now Benin

AFN Far Eastern Network, Japan

All India Radio, Madras, India


RRI Jakarta, Indonesia

WKBW Radio, Buffalo, USA

Radio Mauritania

Radio Pakistan


FEBC Radio, Philippines

Radio SRS, Surinam

ABC Radio, Australia

Radio Universo, Venezuela
             Radio Malaysia, Malaysia


You want to know more about this hobby or like to join one of the many DX-Clubs all around the world ?  Have a look at the pages of the Benelux DX-Club, the leading DX-club of the Benelux-countries. The club gives a lot of information about the world of DX and has also links to other DX-clubs.


You will find the Benelux DX-Club when clicking here . Another leading DX website is from the North of Europe. Visit the website-pages of HCDX here.

And in case you are interested in radio and TV transmitters in the Netherlands, pictures of the antennas and much more, then have a look at the website of Radio-TV-Nederland, click here. The site is in Dutch only.
If you want to know more about the location and pictures of radio-stations for the national and local radio-programmes in and around Nijmegen, click
here. The site is also in Dutch.

Below info about some radio-stations from various parts of the world, which can be heard live via the Internet. If you click on one the logos, you will be guided to the website of the relating radio-station. There you can find details of the station and if you like you can also listen to the live broadcast.

 A very interesting site about the history of telecommunications can be found when clicking the following link (thanks to Ms. Jenny Miller, USA):

WNYC is a public radio station, broadcasting from New York City on both FM and MW. The station has a variety of interesting programmes and is non-commercial.

WRSU is the radio station of the Rutgers University in New Brunswick N.J. The station broadcasts a variety of programmes.

A full news radio station is WCBS New York of the CBS Radio Network. This station operates from NYC on medium wave 880 kHz 24 hours a day. To hear the station click on the logo and then choose Listen Live on top of the website.

Also from New York City is all-news station WINS on 1010 kHz.
On medium wave the station can often be heard in Europe during good transatlantic DX conditions.


Kfm 94.5, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is an adult contemporary radio station and plays a mix of current and past hits.
The station also keeps its listeners up to date with news, current affairs and community events.
Radio Nobenta is located in Oranjestad, Aruba, West Indies. The station broadcasts local and South American music and news in  Papiamento, the local language. Click on the logo to visit their website and listen to its live programmes.

In Nijmegen (The Netherlands) the local radiostation N1 is on air 24 hrs a day with local news and programmes. You can listen to this station  when you click the left logo.
Another station in Oranjestad, Aruba, is HIT-FM. It brings you daily programmes with lots of music. Click on the left logo and listen to its programmes.

A website on which you can find and listen live to a large number of world radio-stations is World Radio Map.
If you click on the left logo you can make your choice which station in the world you want to listen to.

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